Santiago de Compostela


Update: Good news! My visa arrived this past weekend (what a relief)! Since its arrival, everything is really starting to sink in – my mind is constantly thinking about what needs to be added to my shopping/packing list, what last-minute errands I need to do, etc.  I have also officially begun counting down the number of days until:

  1. My last day of work
  2. I fly out for Amsterdam
  3. I fly out of Amsterdam and into Spain!

As mentioned in my first post (New Beginnings), I had the chance to visit Galicia/A Coruña while I was studying abroad. On one of our excursions, we visited the beautiful cathedral of Santiago de Compostela (pictured above), located in the Old Town. During the 11th-18th centuries, it served as the final destination for many Christian peregrino’s (migrant’s/traveler’s). I quickly fell in love with the city – and came to appreciate the detail and beauty of the cathedral.

As you can imagine, searching for a flat in Spain while living in the US is extremely difficult, so my roommate Allison and I have decided to wait until we’re  in Spain to figure out our living situation. However, we did conclude that we will be living in Santiago – in the New Town rather than the Old Town. As I was looking at some of the photos I took while studying abroad, I began to feel a bit nostalgic. All of the memories with my amazing León group came rushing back to me and I immediately began wishing I could go back in time and relive some of them.  I know this time abroad will be completely different, but I’m so eager for the experiences to come. While visiting Santiago the first time, I never thought I would be back to visit – let alone live there! But I am beyond happy with my region/city placement 🙂


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