My first goodbyes

I’m officially unemployed (at least for now).  After working at Kroontje Law Office for nearly four years, I said my first set of goodbyes. Yesterday was my last day at the office. We closed early to grab some drinks and food at Lecōsho (yum!) – it was definitely a bittersweet moment to say farewell to both current and past KLO employees seeing as though I’ve worked at the office since I was 18  (wow). I’m grateful for the experience and wonderful team I worked with. I feel as though I have gained so much from these past years.

I’d like to take a moment to reminisce on some KLO memories:

  • My first couple of days of work I was asked to order food for clients. I ordered from the wrong restaurant location and was so scared I was going to get fired for messing up. I shamelessly walked back to the office bawling my eyes out (funny now, but not at the time)
  • Somehow always managing to run into AT’s desk (and door frame) – like hello Nicole, there’s a desk there. LOOK OUT.  That desk definitely gave me more bruises than I would like to admit
  • Racing chairs, or at least attempting to race rolling chairs in the hallway with Michaela. We ended up crashing into the wall…



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