Life out of a suitcase

I’m in Europe!

It’s still mind boggling to think that I’m no longer in the US!  I’ve been in Amsterdam these past couple of days with Lindsay and Allison (my new roommate) – it is such a beautiful city and everyone has been so very kind and helpful. It’s been great traveling with the girls, but we will sadly be parting ways tomorrow evening. L will be headed to South Spain and Allison and I will make our way to Santiago. As much as we’re enjoying Amsterdam, we’re all ready to find our flats and stop living out of our suitcases 😉

It took us some time to get accustomed to the bike lanes here – our primary objective (within minutes of stepping out of the cab) was declared. Avoid having our obituary read: Death by Dutch bicycle. We’ve managed to stay alive thus far, so that’s a great sign!

We’ve randomly been stumbling across the major landmarks/sights here as we’ve been in route to visit another. Some of the sights we’ve seen include:

  • Dam Square
  • Anne Frank House
  • Bloemen Market (Floating Flower Market)
  • The Pancake Bakery (we’ve had breakfast there the past two days – NOM!)
  • I am Amsterdam sign
  • The Nine Streets
  • Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam

I thought my coffee patterns would change while being abroad – and they have! Not in the sense I thought they would though… I’ve gone from Americanos to doppios. Oops… Fingers crossed I break the habit ASAP! 




Bloemen Floating Flower Market
Bloemen Floating Flower Market
The Heineken Experience
The Heineken Experience


Lindsay + Allison
Lindsay + Allison



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