This is home for the next year!


It feels so good to be back in Spain! I forgot how overwhelming it can be as a foreigner in an unknown place.  Luckily, everyone in Santiago has been so incredibly kind and helpful.

Life in Santiago thus far:

  • I’m still trying to get accustomed to the 10pm dinner
  • Piso hunting was extremely stressful. Trying to find a place to live within five days was overwhelming, BUT. I now have a place to live!!
  • I’ve been indulging in a ton of tortilla, bocadillos, and wine
  • Following the words of Sak Noel (Loca People): “viva la fiesta, vive la noche. Johnny, la gente esta muy loca” – have never rang truer. I can’t keep up with these people!!!

One thought on “Santiago”

  1. Hi Nicole we finally caught up with your trip. So happy you arrived safely. Love Uncle Edwin and Auntie Marsha

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