San Froilán in Lugo

Yesterday, Laura, Tyler, Averill, Ryan and I made our way to Lugo in order to celebrate the last day of San Froilán. San Froilán was a thief but with time, he became a hermit and eventually a bishop in León. It’s tradition to celebrate San Froilán surrounding the cathedral of Lugo and with lots of pulpo. Galicia is very well known for seafood. Especially pulpo, or octopus. In the past, I was never a big fan of octopus, but over time, I have been acquiring a taste for it. I figured it was fitting to celebrate San Froilán by eating some pulpo a feira in Lugo. I actually really enjoyed it and am looking forward to eating more 😉

I had told my coworker Toñio that I was planning on going to Lugo, and he told me about the the Muralla Romana  (Roman wall) that surrounded the city of Lugo. The wall was built during the 3rd century and is still largely intact. It was really cool to see the wall/walk it. Once the sun set, we watched fireworks from it – which was absolutely beautiful.

Overall, the trip was a very long, but fun one! We left Santiago around 3pm and arrived in Lugo at about 5pm. There was tons of people, music, food, drinks, and rides.

Outline of the Muralla


Estrella Galicia, yum!20131013-174927.jpg

Laura + Averill. Can that cotton candy get any bigger?!



The cathedral of Lugo20131013-175414.jpg

Pulpo a feira



Enjoying a late night horse ride


Mi compañera del piso (roommate) Maria + I


Tyler + I on the 3D haunted house ride





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