The 411 About Spain

BREAKING NEWS: I’ve been living in Spain for a little over a month now!

Though I was exposed to what it’s like to live the “Spanish life” when I studied abroad, I definitely felt as though I still had a lot to learn.  Now, as I am in my second experience in Spain, I feel like I’ve gotten a better grasp on things. I still have a lot to learn, but this post is dedicated to the lessons I’ve learned thus far.

– Don’t leave the house (or even the bathroom) with wet hair.
I learned this one while studying abroad in León – My first night with my host family, I took a shower and went out to the family room to say goodnight to my host mom. She touched my hair and sent me back to the bathroom to dry my hair. I know my fellow Mexicans know where I’m coming from on this one as well.  If your grandmother is anything like mine, you’d be scolded for stepping out of the bathroom before fully drying your hair because that’s how you catch a cold.

– Do all of your grocery shopping/any errands that you need to run BEFORE Sunday.
In the states, Sundays were my relaxed days. The day of the week where I would run errands, go grocery shopping for the week, etc.  Here in Spain, that’s impossible because EVERYTHING (okay, not everything, but just about everything) is closed.
*The same applies to siesta

– When going out for the night – drink slowwwllllyyyyyy
There’s no rush to get shit faced! Spaniards stay out until 6:00-7:00 am, which is very different to the 2:00 am closing time in Seattle. So traaaanquilllla tío. You have all night (and morning) to drink. And even if the bars start to close, you can always head over to the discotecas…

– Eating dinner at 6:00 pm is VERY strange to Spaniards
In León, I was able to get accustomed to the 10:00 pm dinner, because I ate with my host family. This time around, I just can’t do it. One day in class, we were discussing food. We began comparing the differences between Spanish and American mealtimes. I told the students that I eat dinner around 6:00 pm and they were all SO baffled. They looked at me with very confused faces and kept saying, “que tempranoooo!!!”

– One must be very cautious when walking through the land mines… I mean… streets/sidewalks
Unlike the US, dog owners leave those unpleasant brown things wherever they please. Walking home at night can be quite the task…


2 thoughts on “The 411 About Spain”

  1. Hi there,

    I was looking through WordPress for tags in Galicia when I found your blog. I am also an auxiliar and I love your posts! Where are you living?

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