Celebrating Halloween + Magosto

This past week we celebrated Halloween and Magosto, or Castañada at school.  Magosto is a traditional festival in Northern Spain celebrating the importance of chestnuts prior to the arrival of corn and potato.

The week prior to Halloween, Vanesa, Carla and I prepped games and arts and crafts for the children.


Paper ghosts made by the 5 year olds!

The teachers set up a Halloween exposition.  The hallways were decorated with pumpkins made by the students, a photobooth, and other spooky decorations.  The children absolutely loved it!

IMG_1174Part of the exposition

IMG_1178Maria Jose + Vanesa dressed up as brujas

IMG_1180Pumpkins made by the students! They’re so creative!

IMG_1182Some vampires!

In the afternoon, we went outside to celebrate Magosto by playing games and eating roasted chestnuts.
IMG_1202 IMG_1204

Celebrating Halloween outside of school included of going over to Ryan’s for a potluck dinner.  We each made a dish to share and enjoyed some wine and licor café. Once dinner was done, we all went out in our costumes. Overall, it was a pretty solid Halloween!

IMG_1214 IMG_1232


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