Weekend Day Trip: Finisterre

The weather in Galicia has been absolutely amazing as of lately.  Although, it has been freezing, and I swear, its ten times colder in Serra de Outes than in Santiago. Everyday I go to school resembling the Michelin man with my 3-4 layers, barely able to move my arms. However, I can’t complain too much seeing as though we haven’t seen rain in weeks.

Friday was fiesta – the day of The Constitution in Spain which meant we had a long weekend! Given the good weather and the holiday, I decided I should take a day trip somewhere. I’ve been wanting to go to Fisterra/Finisterre for quite some time and thought this weekend would be the perfect opportunity to go. Saturday morning, I woke up early to catch the first bus out of Santiago.

Fisterra (Galician): Originates from Latin; Finis Terrae, which translates to “Land’s End”.
Finisterre (Spanish): Also originates from Latin, and means “the end of the earth”.

It is located on the rocky Costa de Morte (Coast of Death in Galician) as a result of the numerous shipwrecks along the shores.

After a two-hour bus ride, I arrived in Fisterra and was determined to visit the lighthouse located at the tip of Cape Fisterra – which is said to be the most western point in Europe.  Making it the closest point to the US (hence the name – the land’s end). I had little to no clue where to go, and circled the town several time before encountering directional signs to the  “Faro”.

Following the signs to the lighthouse.
Trekking up.
Trekking up.

The 3km walk to the lighthouse was peaceful and quiet. Not exactly what I expected – walking on a steep, windy road with no sidewalk, but it was nonetheless, an enjoyable walk. On my way up, I ran into several other walkers who were making their way down. One woman and I exchanged hello’s. At this point I was still very unaware as to whether or not I was following the right road. She seemed to take notice and said, “Guapa! Estás llegando!” as she pointed up the hill. (*insert sigh of relief here*) So I continued walking.


Cemetery of Finisterre
Cemetery of Finisterre

Halfway to the lighthouse, I stopped and visited the cemetery of Finisterre, designed by César Portela to recall the ancient burials of the Celtic culture.

Made it to the top!
Made it to the top!
Faro de Fisterra.
Faro de Fisterra.

As I arrived to Cape Fisterra, I was blown away by the beauty. There was little wind and an abundance of sun, making everything that much more beautiful. Listening to the waves crash on the rocks was so calming and peaceful.


At the land's end.
At the land’s end.




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