I have returned to the land of pulpo a la feira and umbrellas!

I touched down in Santiago de Compostela on September 24th. The city hasn’t changed a bit… And yes, the rainy season is among us.


The whole summer I was anticipating my return to Spain, however I had a wonderful time spending it with family and friends. I was able to snuggle with Kobe every morning, go camping with my musketeers before Mare headed back to Spain, attend a number of Sounders matches, eat delicious breakfast (breakfast in Spain is quite different), go hiking, and see family that I hadn’t seen for a year.

Lindsay and baby Cabo
Spending the afternoon teaching my nephew Jakob how to swim.
Enjoying the best pumpkin beer with my favorite person in the world at Octopus Bar.
Dick’s Burgers, nom.
Hiking with Laura.
Sounders match with the family
Heaven on a plate.


Galicia and Changes

A number of things have changed since last year.  For instance, last year I was working in a colegio (with 3-12 year olds) in a small pueblo called Serra de Outes located about 40km away from Santiago.  This year, I was placed in an instituto right here in the city. The students in IES San Clemente are roughly my age, and are studying computer science; something I know very little about. However, I am definitely learning as much as my students are and couldn’t be happier with my school placement.

Secondly, I’ve got myself un novio gallego (I have a Galician boyfriend). We are slowly but surely turning our piso into a home and we spend our time arguing about which fútbol team is better (obviously it’s Barca) and trying to get the other to switch teams.


Fernando is a Sounders supporter!


Life, Currently

Thus far, I’ve really been enjoying being back in Santiago. I’ve been meeting a lot of new people; many of which are language assistants like myself, getting used to working in an instituto, giving clases particulares, eating a ton of pulpo, and exploring this beautiful region.


One thought on “Galiza”

  1. Hi Nicole, sorry we missed seeing you when you were back home in Seattle. Look forward to your updates! Uncle Ed and Auntie Marsha

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