Wedding Bells – My First Galician Wedding


Family photo - with Fernando's parents.
Family photo – with Fernando’s parents.

Last weekend I attended my first Spanish wedding (Fernando’s uncle). The wedding took place in Budiño, just a short drive from Lavacolla.

When I first returned to Santiago, Fernando and I stopped by his grandparents house (in Lavacolla). His aunt Belen asked if I would be attending the wedding. I hesitated, saying I didn’t have anything to wear, but Belen told me she would be more than happy to accompany me to find a dress. So that was settled. I would be attending my very first Galician wedding in just a matter of weeks.

On the Hunt

Like promised, Belen and Lucía (the bride to be) accompanied me to search for a dress and shoes.  We met in la zona vieja (the old town of Santiago) and set out to search for the perfect dress. They led me to a small, but charming shop.  I feared it would be difficult to find a dress that fit properly, but to my surprise found a dress that fit perfectly within 10 minutes.


While shopping, Belen and Lucía asked me what American weddings were like. I told them that I felt as though I were shopping for a prom dress rather than a dress for a wedding. The fact that I wanted a long dress more than likely contributed to this feeling – but as I am rather tall, I felt more comfortable with a long dress as opposed to a short dress.

The Wedding

Selfie before going to the wedding!


The day of the wedding, Fernando’s parents picked us up around noon and we made our way to Lavacolla where we had appetizers at his grandparents’ house. At 1 we set out for Budiño. When we arrived, Lucía and Oscar were already at the church, ready to walk in. Once the ceremony was over, the guests went outside to wait for the newlyweds. We threw rice and confetti, and then everyone took photos with the bride and groom.  After all the photos had been taken, we made our way to La Magdalena for dinner.  We waited about an hour for the bride and groom to arrive, as they took a horse-drawn carriage instead of a car.


Dinner was absolutely amazing. There was a ton of seafood – pulpo, crab, fish, and vieira’s (scallops), as well as ternera and cordero. I’m sure I ate enough to last me the rest of the month.  All throughout dinner guests shouted, “Que se besan, que se besan!” to get the bride and groom to kiss. There was also a lot of “Vivan los novios!!” and everyone else shouts “VIVA!” Dancing immediately followed dinner – and we danced until our feet ached.




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