Bo Nadal: My First Galician Christmas

Felices fiestas! Last week I had the opportunity of celebrating Christmas with my Galician family. As much as I love living in Spain, I have come to realize that being away from family during the holidays, birthdays/big celebrations, etc. will never get easier. To combat the homesickness, I took the advice of my dear friend, Lindsay and baked up a storm all the while listening to Christmas playlists on Spotify. As cheesy as it may seem, it was literally the best way to handle the homesickness.

Christmas in Spain

Christmas here isn’t as popular as it is in the United States.  Spaniards typically celebrate Los Reyes Magos which falls on January 6th.  Before going to bed, children leave their shoes out for the Reyes, and wake up to find gifts left behind.

During the holidays, La Loteria de Navidad is HUGE. I didn’t participate in it, however, Fernando did. I was extremely amused watching Fer as they called out the winning numbers on TV. To his disappointment, we did not win el gordo.


Christmas in Santiago

The weeks prior to Christmas, I admired the beautiful decorations and lights set around the city.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


On Christmas, we made our way over to Fernando’s aunt house for an amazing Christmas dinner.  Although I missed my typical Mexican tamales, rice, and beans with my family, I absolutely loved all the marisco (necoras, percebes and mejillones) and Albariño!



2 thoughts on “Bo Nadal: My First Galician Christmas”

  1. Happy New Year Nicole, We are spending the winter here in Arizona but thankfully we are sharing it with our son Doug and Family. Joshua(our grandson) arrived from Montreal having just finished 4 years at McGill. Josh is 22. he will be returning to Montreal on Jan2 to start a business venture. Mathias is now working for his Dad until he decides if he will return to visual art studies. I know the family would have really missed you at Christmas. Tradition is so important and part of who we are. When we head home in early April we will hopefully see the family. Love to you,
    Auntie Marsha and Uncle Ed

    1. Happy New Year Auntie Marsha and family! Wishing you a great start to 2015. May it be a great one! I hope you are having a wonderful time in Arizona! Sending my love to you, Uncle Ed and the rest of the family! 🙂

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