The Countdown: 1 Month

May is quickly approaching, which means I am nearly finished with my second year as a Language Assistant. This year has been full of new experiences, opportunities to improve my Spanish (as well as learn some Gallego), new friends and memories.

The longer I live here, the more my love for Spain, and more specifically, Galicia grows. Of course, there are days when I am frustrated or homesick and ready to hop on the next flight to Seattle, but those moments pass almost as quickly as they come on.

The end of May means a few things.

1. I will have completed two years as a Language Assistant

I have never particularly been interested in teaching and to be honest, it took me a while to get the hang of it. Teaching is a never ending learning experience, but thus far I have learned the importance of making learning fun, and the importance of patience.

2. A visit to the U.S. is in store

Originally, I had planned to stay in Galicia this summer, but my little brother is graduating from UW this June. As he is the last of my siblings to graduate, his commencement is something I can’t miss. I am SO proud of him and eager to see him walk across that stage!

Not only will I be visiting, but Fernando will be traveling to the U.S. for the first time! When my parents asked him what he is the most excited to do in Seattle, his response was: “To try an American burger.”

Screenshot 2015-04-28 09.57.17

3. I landed a summer job

I will be starting a new summer job in Coruña (about an hour away from Santiago). I will be nannying (the cutest) three year old boy name Roi. He is such a happy boy and absolutely loves going to the park!

4. The 3 Musketeers reunite

This is HUGE for me. Last year, Lindsay, Mariam and I had countless adventures together despite the fact that we were living in different parts of the country. Lindsay is finishing her first year of nursing school (so proud of you Linds!) and Mariam is finishing her second year as a Language Assistant (like myself). This year has been so different with 2/3 of the group here in Spain and I am SOOO excited to be back with my girls.

5. Galicia will receive 2 visitors in July

This past summer, my brother and I talked about how cool it would be for him to come visit Galicia as I have told him about the culture – pulpo, tomando uñas cañas en las terrazas on a sunny day, foliadas,  and The Camino. We talked about how fun it would be to experience these things together and throughout the year he told me he would visit – I didn’t think much of it until one day I received a text saying that him and his girlfriend purchased their plane tickets (yay!!!!!).


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