Darrin + Danielle come to Spain!

Fernando had a wonderful time in the states. It was SO good to see my family and spend time with friends. As always, it was very difficult to say goodbye to everyone, but it’s good to be back in Galicia.

This past weekend, my brother and his girlfriend were here in Galicia! I had so much fun showing them around Santiago/A Coruña. I wish I could keep them here forever! 🙂

They were eager to drink wine from cuenca’s, eat pulpo, pimientos de Padrón, and zorza!

Albariño + cuenca’s!


Fernando’s family had a great time showing them around – they took us to Lalín for queimada; which is a traditional alcoholic beverage in Galicia. It is made from distilled wine, herbs, coffee, sugar, orange (sometimes lemon) peel, cinnamon, and brandy. We ate dinner and watched a ‘queimada ceremony’ which is meant to ward off evil spirits. Once the ‘ceremony’ and queimada are finished, everyone drinks.

Enjoying dinner at Fogar de Breogan – Lalín

They were also able to see were I am currently living and working – Coruña! Santiago is a beautiful city but we’re not near the ocean. Galicia has beautiful beaches and ocean views so I was happy they were able to see the water when we visited the Tower of Hercules.

Rosa dos ventos


La Torre de Hércules

I’m bummed we don’t have more time together here in Galicia, but that just means they’ll have to come back and see more 😉


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